Job Postings:   Updated 1/12/17


Compliance Specialist and Auditor

  • Job Location: Menasha
  • Organization’s name: Network Health
  • Organization’s Address: 1570 Midway Place
  • Contact person’s name: Jackie Rosen
  • Contact person’s phone number: 920-720-1723
  • Contact person’s email address:
  • Organization’s Website:
  • Salary Range (optional):
  • Job Description: Network Health is seeking a Compliance Specialist and Auditor. The Compliance Specialist and Auditor will assist the Compliance department with updating, enhancing and administering all aspects of the Compliance and Integrity Program. The incumbent will provide auditing and review assistance for all aspects of operations and compliance initiatives, and will assist in improving the internal control environment at Network Health. The Compliance Specialist and Auditor will further be responsible for the identification of risk areas and the interpretation and implementation of contract requirements to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The Compliance Specialist and Auditor will report findings, recommend improvements and corrective actions.
  • For additional information regarding the position, please visit Network Health’s career link at
  • Interested applicants: Please submit application online through the career link at Network Health’s website;

Posted: 12/28/16