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HIPAA Security Officer

  • Job Location: Milwaukee, WI
  • Organization’s name: Extension, Inc
  • Organization’s Address: 700 West Virginia Street, Suite 222
  • Contact person’s name: Jeffrey Fritschler
  • Contact person’s phone number: 414-316-3972
  • Contact person’s email address:
  • Organization’s Website:
  • Salary Range: 70-90k
  • Job Description:
    • Required Level of Education, Licenses, and/or Certificates
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Information Security, Information Technology, or a similar field.
    • Required Level of Experience
    • 3+ years in a documented HIPAA compliance role
    • 3+ years in an “hands-on” role responsible for securing networks and information assets
    • Implement, manage, and enforce information security directives as mandated by HIPAA.
    • Document, review and update policies regarding information, system and data security.
    • Document security standards related to the deployment and hardening of servers and systems.
    • Work closely with Quality and Compliance, Information Technology, Software Development and other team within the organization as appropriate to ensure the ongoing integration of information security with business strategies, requirements and activities.
    • Perform ongoing information risk assessments and audits to ensure that information systems are adequately protected and HIPAA certification requirements.
    • Work with vendors, business partners and other third parties to improve information security within the organization.
    • Represent the organization during internal and external information security audits and assessments.
    • Perform ongoing compliance monitoring activities.
    • Lead incident response team to contain, investigate, and prevent future information security breaches.
    • Keep current with identified security vulnerabilities, including researching vulnerabilities and mitigation requirements in detail.
    • Lead efforts to perform risk assessments to determine impact of vulnerabilities on systems and data.
    • Lead efforts to mitigate security vulnerabilities and prepare documentation regarding significant/critical security vulnerabilities to be shared with clients and auditors as necessary
    • Keep current with government security requirements, laws, etc. regarding Healthcare Information Security.
  •  Interested applicants should apply by: Please resumes to

Posted: 3/26/15

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