HIPAA Privacy 101 Webinar (Updated) – July 9, 2015  View Webinar  Presentation Slides


HIPAA Risk 101 Webinar – October 31, 2013.   View Webinar


HIPAA Security 101 Webinar* – October 4, 2012.  View Webinar

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HIPAA EDI 101 Presentation – July 13, 2011.   Handout


Business Associate HIPAA 101 Presentation – November 11, 2010 –Handout 1Handout 2


*Please note:

The HIPAA Security 101 webinar was recorded before the Omnibus Rule (“Final Rule”) was issued on January 25, 2013 which made some modification to HIPAA Privacy, Security, Enforcement and Breach Notification Rules; however, most of the information in the HIPAA Security 101 webinar is still applicable.

In summary, many of the changes published in the Final Rule made final those published in the interim final rule (October 30, 2009) already incorporated in the HIPAA Security 101 webinar.  However, there are some notable changes to the Notice of Privacy Practices and Definition of Breach (and Risk Assessment).

CLICK HERE for the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) presentation from April 2013 that covered the changes from the “old rule” to the “new rule” under Business Associates, Marketing, Fundraising, Sale of PHI, Patient Right to Request Restrictions, Patient Right to Electronic Access, Definition of Breach, Enforcement, Decedent Information, and Notice of Privacy Practices to supplement the HIPAA 101 information.